Experience the Difference!

“Experience The Difference.”

Like all great companies we have a unique process that puts our clients in the best position possible for selling and or purchasing a home. Our guidance creates leverage that will put more money in your pocket… GUARANTEED! You want to find out how? Click the button and fill out the form and we will schedule a time to meet.

Moving to North Carolina?

My family and I moved to North Carolina in 2015. Here is what I can say about this Great State in my own words and experiences…

North Carolina offers something to do all 12 months of the year. 
We are located in Johnston County. 2.5 hours to the Ocean, 2.5 Hours to the Mountains. You are a 6 hour or so drive to DC, Charleston SC, Hilton Head, Savannah GA, Atlanta, GA, Gatlinburg, TN and many more vibrant cities. The weather is hot in the summers and comfortable in the fall and winter. The Raleigh area is enriched in College Sports. NC State, UNC and Duke are all within 40 miles or so of each other. Sprinkled in with some other smaller schools. There is plenty of work to go around for all of us.  The taxes are much lower to most other states. The gas is lower than most other states. Overall most people seem happy and friendly. The area is continuing to grow and as of right now it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
North Carolina is the place to be. Come enjoy the NC life. 

Mythbusters: Selling a Home

First off, it’s about what you “net,” not the sales price.
There are eight components of a contract: Price, funds, due diligence money, earnest money, due diligence date, closing costs, warranties and closing date.
We care about the “Net,” or the amount of money that actually goes into your pocket.

A few other things to remember:

It is what it is. The location of your home can be a good thing, bad thing or indifferent. Either way, we will sell your home.

We aim for this, but with so many people involved (buyer, seller, Realtors, loan officer, inspector, appraiser, insurance rep, surveyor, attorney, title company, etc.), there will be some turbulence along the way. It’s how we manage it that matters.

“I can always come down on price.” This mindset will cost you thousands. As a seller you want the leverage. Overpricing the home will only hurt your wallet.

If you could choose between Tom Brady or Brady Quinn, who would you pick? How about Abraham Lincoln or James Buchanan to handle a crisis? Choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference.

Customer Testimonials


Justin was very professional during the entire process. He did an awesome job as my advocate as he worked with the developers as well as with the loan officers as he supported my decisions in my absence. I am satisfied and grateful.


Justin is very friendly and before showing the houses, he really understands our needs. He guided us through the entire process. His coordination with various parties till we got our keys was exceptional. He also gave us tips on searching and buying houses. I would highly recommend him. He made our entire process easy – right from searching house till we got keys.


He has great insight and and always provides you with great recommendations to make hard decisions seem a lot less challenging.

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